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A Letter From The Bentonville Booster Club

As Bentonville Athletics and the Bentonville Athletic Booster Club prepare for the upcoming school years, we would like to provide you with information about sponsoring our student athletes. The Bentonville Athletic Department and Booster Club supports over 1,800 athletes in our school district. This support encompasses both high schools (Bentonville High School and Bentonville West High School) and all three junior highs (Fulbright, Lincoln, and Washington).

The Bentonville Athletic Booster Club works in a special way to support our student athletes. Some of the many things we provide include scholarships, grants, and volunteer hours. Student Athletes take advantage of our scholarship program every year as we award funds to apply towards a college education. The school district utilizes the grant program to assist with facility and equipment needs that benefit all athletic programs. Finally, we volunteer time to special events and concession stands at activities. We are very proud of our endless support for all the athletic programs in the Bentonville Public School District.

By becoming a member of the Bentonville Public Schools Booster Club or sponsoring a media package, you too can become an important part of Bentonville Public School Athletics. We encourage you to look at the many options in our sponsorship program and think about how you can contribute to our organization. The information in this Sponsorship Packet will detail the opportunities to support our Booster Club and/or Sponsor our Athletic Programs:

  • Booster Club Memberships Levels Junior Highs, High Schools, or Combinations
  • Football Reserve Seating and Parking BHS, BWHS, or Combination
  • Media Sponsorships BHS, BWHS, or Combination
  • Combination Packages for Both High Schools

Thank you in advance for your help and your contribution,
Vandy Cameron
Bentonville Athletic Booster Club

Scott Passmore
Athletic Director
Bentonville Public Schools

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